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Pioneer Hotel Legend.

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Pioneer Hotel Legend.
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The Legend of the Pioneer Hotel!

It was a disturbing time in Lubbock, Texas, in 1958.  The town was already stirred up after the strange unexplicable dissaperence of two Lubbockites the previous year.  It was January 16, 1958, when a tourist couple from Nebraska came to stay at the brand new Pioneer Hotel.  What took place that night, was the start of one of the most disturbing killing sprees in the state of Texas.  The Nebraska couple had spent a day just wandering around Lubbock. That night, they were asleep in thier hotel room on the 4th floor when the stranger sneaked in to their room and tied their necks to the bed and hanged the couple outside of thier hotel room.  No one saw the man enter the room or leave it, and stranger, no one heard any noise coming from that room.  After weeks of investigation, the police found no evidence of who could have commited the murder and found no sign of how the killer got into the room.  So they decided to leave the case alone.
A few weeks later, a man from California stayed at the hotel for the night. He was just passing through this small town when his car got a flat tire on the back right wheel.  So he took the car to the first shop he found, and due to the lack of speed of the shop, he had to stay over night. He found the closest hotel with the cheapest room. This hotel just happened to be the pioneer, and the cheapest room just happened to be the one on the 4th floor. The man had no idea of the history of the room or hotel, so he went in to have a night of rest and maybe make the meeting in Dallas the next day. According to the police report, it wasnt a very peaceful night. This murder im not going to elaborate on for the details are just a bit gorry. But the investigation started the same, and ended the same with no explination.

There was one more murder in the hotel, and again, it was in the same room on the 4th floor. the investigation started the same and ended the same, no evidence of any kind. so after much consideration, and no explination of how it happened, and no murderer, they decided to close down the hotel. But, this is not the end of the story. In the late 70's there were a total of 3 deaths in the hotel. All of the victims were high schoolers looking to have fun in the "haunted" hotel. But, the murders weren't all in the same floor.
One kid was found on the stairs, almost all of his bones were broken and looked as if he had been pushed down the flight of stairs. All the kid's friends that were there at the time had the same story, and this was the same for the girl who was found there three months later. The story was that they had seen a man and got frightened, so they started running.  The man heard them and started yelling and followed them to the stairs. Their friend didnt make it that far, and heard him screaming, but then it had stopped, and when they went back to find him, they made it to the staris, and there he was. The story was the same for the girl and her friends. The third kid had an overdose in the room ont the 4th floor. There was no mystery to that.
That is the story of the Pioneer Hotel. They say that if you make it on to the 4th floor, you can see the murderer hanging the couple from Nebraska. Then he will start to chase you.

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